The purpose for grooving surfaces is to reduce drying time and eliminate hydroplaning on wet surfaces such as roads and runways. Safety Grooving is a proven technique for significantly reducing the incidence of skidding or slipping accidents.
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Grooving 2
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Concut have versatile machines for this type of work where, access or space is a problem.

Safety grooving is not just limited to roads and airport runways, it can be used for any application where slipping is an issue.

Typical applications include:

  • Dairy farms and horse stables
  • High traffic path ways
  • Swimming pool areas
  • Factory floors with forklift traffic
  • Warehouses

The Groover blades can be adjusted to any centre widths that is specified by the client.

Types of Groovers:

  • Small Groover - Used in tight areas such as holding pens
  • Large Groover - Used in larger areas such as factory floors
  • Airport Groover - Used on airport re-sheeting and patch works

Concut (NSW) is Australia's oldest established company in the field of concrete sawing and drilling, (established in 1958). We have been concrete cutting in Sydney for 60 years.

Reasons to choose Concut NSW:

  • Free on-site inspection and quotations
  • Celebrating 60 years in business
  • Available 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Able to provide same day service
  • Friendly, helpful, prompt and reliable
  • Highly experienced and qualified operators
  • Proven project delivery track record

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